PA4SP addresses PA SB Bill 383 (Armed School Employees)

Pennsylvanians for Self Protection (PA4SP) was founded to counteract the media/progressive gun control hype after the Sandy Hook school shooting and to protect our Second Amendment and Pennsylvania constitutional right to bear arms for self protection. We had concluded that the main targets of these cowardly despicable acts of violence are “soft targets” like schools that have no formidable method of defense. Tragically this has been factually substantiated many times over since Columbine and Sandy Hook. We strongly endorse the principle that the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun (or any deadly weapon) is by a good guy with a gun. Moreover, we believe that broadcasting the presence of stealth armed persons will discourage an attack as demonstrated by Air Marshalls on airlines.

Consequently, we have taken the following position on PA SB 383 which permits the arming of trained and armed school personnel on a voluntary basis:

“Pennsylvanians for Self Protection (PA4SP) fully supports the ability of trained school employees to carry concealed firearms in schools for the purpose of protecting students and employees. We generally approve of PA SB 383, but reserve full endorsement until the final legislative bill is completed. Our main concern with the current bill is the level of stipulated disclosure required for the above mentioned trained concealed carry employees.”

Carlo Grilletto
Pennsylvanians for Self Protection
Vice President

Disparity of Force

This petition is to fix a very serious flaw in our Castle Doctrine. Did you know that our stand-your-ground law is conditional, and not universal? It applies within your home or your vehicle, but not necessarily anywhere else.

For example, you can be in an isolated parking lot late at night where you are approached by perhaps three males who most certainly are about to assault you. Even if you order them to stop and they keep coming toward you, under current law, you must retreat and cannot “stand-your-ground” unless they display a lethal weapon. 18 Pa.C.S. 505(b)2.3

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National Reciprocity, Sign The Petition

Pennsylvania firearm owners, please sign the petition to support National reciprocity.

The bill (here) says:

  • Any state that allows concealed carry must recognize all others that also allow it, without limitation
  • States that do not allow concealed carry are not forced to

PA has 18 congressional districts and 2 senators. Our goal is to get 20 “Yea” votes. Will we get Casey and the other far left democrats? Probably not. But we need to make it painful for them to vote ‘no’. We think we can get 5000 petitions signed. Since the system faxes the congressman and 2 senators for each signer, that’s 15000 faxes. If any one lawmaker refuses to vote yes, we put out the call to the 5000 signers to converge on his office. If 15% show up, we have a major news event.

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Time To Start Work On Reciprocity

Pennsylvanians For Self Protection welcomes President Donald J. Trump. We certainly understand the amount of work ahead, dismantling the obstacles and roadblocks put in place by prior administrations. We ask that within the next few months, you begin to put pressure on Congress to pass a National Reciprocity bill. HB 38 is simple, straight forward, and well done. Please tell leadership to get it moving.

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