Our History


In January 2013, the Concerned Gun Owners Of Bucks County (CGOBC) was cofounded by several of our Board members in response to the antigun hysteria following the Sandy Hook shooting. PA4SP was formed in April of 2013 by those CGOBC Board members who wanted to focus on legislative action at the State level as a means to protect our inalienable right to keep and bear arms.



We are recognized as a credible Pro-Firearm Rights lobby organization in Harrisburg and have established a positive and successful relationship with many Senators, both Republican, and Democrats. Our focus has been on: 5B1193 (empower School Boards to use trained armed guards) and SB 1071(enabling citizens to obtain CCP in an adjacent county when their municipality like Philadelphia prevents permits for political reasons). Our lobbying effort contributed to passing Act 192 which provides a way for responsible gun owners to hold municipalities accountable and responsible for infringing on our Second Amendment rights.

  • We continually review bills dealing with firearms and evaluate them.
  • We have created an online petition tool called “Click To Be Heard” that allows Pennsylvanians statewide to simply submit their name and address which then sends a pre-formatted email to their respective state legislators, asking that they oppose any new gun control laws. This system combines the voices of individual voters within a given district and uses the cumulative power to cancel the effects of large sums of money being dumped into this state by anti-gun groups. In the 4 day period of Oct 1— Oct 4, roughly 850 gun owners signed our online petition which in turn dumped 4,250 emails into Harrisburg.
  • We are continually monitoring and reacting to Senator Toomey’s stance on gun control legislation.



  • We react to negative political situations as they arise. When Falls Township attempted to violate PA preemption laws we solicited prominent Attorney Joshua Prince to submit a legal objection and threatening further legal action. We personally expressed our position at the Falls Township meetings and terminated their endeavor.
  • We engaged local municipalities to ensure that they removed any local ordinance that violated the reinforced preemption law (192). We were highly successful. We currently monitor any municipality who intends to violate the current State preemptive law. Our approach is to petition the respective local District Attorney to prevent the state law violation, which appears to have been successful in Allentown. In cases where a DA is unlikely to act, we will get the municipality’s liability insurer involved, and if necessary, work to replace key council/board members.
  • We closely monitor the devious actions of organizations like MAIG, Cease Fire and Coalition for Gun Safety. Recently they unjustly accused Rep. Farry of refusing to meet with them and protested outside of his office. We investigated the ring leaders, and we made sure he was properly described before his voting constituents including a robocall campaign that contacted thousands of his constituents. While this was obviously not the sole reason for his reelection, it did show our opposition that we are willing to fight for our pro-2A legislators and that we will spend money to cancel out their spends.
  • We monitor the political activity of our elected legislators and officials as well as candidates and actively react to their position on firearm issues.
  • We presented the pro/contra comparison chart when pro 2nd amendment legislators are challenged and work with local organizations to distribute prior to elections.
  • When one of the Bucks County Commissioners tried to advance MAIG’s misguided principles we openly addressed and called the Commissioner at their meeting, and it was terminated.



We have concentrated our education effort to: 1) Foundation of the 2nd amendment and the PA Constitution; 2) Historical and recent protection by the armed citizenry as well as suppression in an unarmed state or country and 3) Educating the public about anti-firearm as well as pro firearm proposal legislation and legislators.

  • Our venue has included: Public meetings at Veterans of Foreign Wars- Warrington; Doylestown public library; Ann’s Choice Retirement Community; Kitchen Table Patriots; Citizen’s for Constitutional Government and a monthly political report to the Bucks Count Fish &Game, Doylestown Ski Club.
  • On June 16, 2015, we organized and hosted the Bucks County Firearms seminar, to a sold out audience of 350+ attendees at the Bucks County Community College. It consisted of educational Firearms law and Castle Doctrine course, the principle speakers being Bucks County District Attorney Dave Heckler and Bucks County Sheriff Duke Donnelly. Guest Speaker was Shaneen Allen, the mother who was imprisoned in NJ for accidently bringing a legal PA CC handgun to NJ.



We have been active in TV debates and interviews; Radio discussions and debates; Publishing in Newspapers and responding to anti-firearm articles. We have also have had a sit-down interview with the Courier News editorial staff. For example:

  • Steve Onufrey WNYC April 2013 (http://www.thetakeaway.org/story/281650-gun-owners-react-senates-new-proposals/)
  • Carlo Grilletto WNPV March 2013 (http://wnpv1440.com/talk-shows/comment-please/C/4-comment-please-by-univest/177-archives-for-march-2013/2783-march-1-2013-gu n-control-rally)
  • 69 News Feb 2013 (http://www.wfmz.com/news/news-regional-southeasternpa/Local/Group-in-favor-of-gun-ownership-draws-hundreds-in-Bucks-County/18989062)
  • Dave Sager TV debate with CeaseFire / Voice of Reason, Larry Kane Sept 22, 2013, Comcast Ch. 8
  • Dave Sager Starbucks Open Carry interview Sept.8, 2013 CBS 3 News
  • We continually publish articles and letters in several Bucks County papers.



We do not focus on rallies or counter rallies. They sometimes become radicalized ( especially with an adversarial press) and that does not advance our focus with legislators and perspective new pro firearm voters. However, we will support focused rallies when associated with specific legislative action.

  • In April 2013, April 2014 and May 2015 we organized buses to the Pennsylvania 2A Action Day at the PA Capitol. In 2014, we focused on HB2011 and presented signed individual petitions and personally delivered them to 30+ Representatives. One of our board members was a featured speaker at the 2015 rally.
  • In October 2013 we had our coming out PA4SP meeting at the Doylestown library, attended by several prominent Bucks county legislators and executives.
  • We had display booths at the Plumstead Sportsman Rally, the Oley Firearm exhibit, the Calvary Sportsman’s Exhibit, the Oaks Gun Show and the Lehigh Valley 2nd Amendment meeting.