What Distinguishes PA4SP From Other 2nd Amendment Organizations?

Pennsylvanians For Self Protection (PA4SP) fills the gap between national gun rights groups like the NRA and GOA and the average PA gun owner’s local community. We organize gun owners in local communities around the state to peacefully oppose any further restrictions on guns and promote trained gun ownership.

We want to work with you to make sure your community respects firearm owners and doesn’t enact policy that would infringe on your rights. We will not align ourselves, advocate or support any rally or group where the predictable outcome may intimidate the average local citizen.

PA4SP promotes the trained, safe use of firearms to protect persons, property, and family. Countless lives are saved by responsible gun owners every year.

Whether you are new to firearms or are a seasoned expert, joining PA4SP is an important step to keeping your rights protected in Pennsylvania.