Sen. Toomey Still Wants Extended Background Checks

Today, the senator said that he continues to support extended background checks, according to (full article here)

Saying that these extended background checks would reduce gun violence by keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally-ill is an attack on lawful gun owners, and does nothing to solve the real problem.

Such statements imply that criminals and the mentally-ill obtain their firearms from lawful gun-owners in private transactions. There is zero evidence of that. In fact, in every mass-shooting, the shooter obtained his guns by passing a background check, or by stealing them.

Criminals are already prohibited from owning firearms. The mentally-ill are already prohibited from owning firearms. It is already a federal felony to sell a firearm to a prohibited person. And somehow, we are to believe that forcing a duck-hunter to do a background check on his hunting buddy before loaning him his prized duck-gun is going to reduce gun-crime?

Stop blaming lawful gun owners and stop forcing us to pay the price for government’s failure to enforce current laws.

opinion: //tom campione