Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry - Stefano Discetti

ISBN 9788891108425
AUTRICE/AUTORE Stefano Discetti

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...ight, simultaneously recorded from several viewing directions ... PDF High-Speed Tomographic PIV in an IC Engine ... . The reconstructed distributions at different time instants are then interrogated by a 3D cross-correlation algorithm to ... The technique makes use of several simultaneous views of the illuminated particles and their 3D reconstruction as a light intensity distribution by means of optical tomography. The technique is therefore referred to as tomographic particle image velocimetry (tomographic-PIV). Atkinson CH, Soria J (2007a) Algebraic reconstruction techn ... Tomographic particle image velocimetry - TU Delft Repository ... . Atkinson CH, Soria J (2007a) Algebraic reconstruction techniques for tomographic particle image velocimetry. In: Proceedings of 16th Australasian fluid mechanics conference, Gold Coast Google Scholar Atkinson CH, Soria J (2007b) Multi-camera digital holographic piv: tomographic dhpiv. are used to reconstruct the 3D light intensity distribu-tion. The method is therefore referred to as tomo-graphic particle image velocimetry (tomographic-PIV). Tomographic PIV experiment performed in the cavitation tunnel of CNR-INSEAN on a propeller model for wake analysis using a double-cavity Nd-YAG laser (2 X 200 mJ/pulse at 12.5 Hz) and four Imager ... Particle Image Velocimetry is used to evaluate an entire plane of motion. If the particle density is high and the location of a single particle cannot be tracked, the displacement of particles is then measured by statistical means (PIV). The flow regime is subdivided into small areas of investigation. The first two articles where the working principles and their application have been given were presented by Elsinga et al (2005a, 2005b) at the 6th international PIV symposium hosted at Caltech (USA), resulting in the seminal article Tomographic particle image velocimetry (Elsinga et al 2006b). 9TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON PARTICLE IMAGE VELOCIMETRY - PIV'11 Kobe, Japan, July 21-23, 2011 Volume Segmentation Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry I.B. Ziskin1, R.J. Adrian1, K. Prestridge2 1School for the Engineering of Matter, Transport, and Energy, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 85287-6106, USA [email protected] Exp Fluids (2006) 41:933-947 DOI 10.1007/s00348-006-0212-z R E S E A R C H A RT I C L E Tomographic particle image velocimetry G. E. Elsinga F. Scarano B. Wieneke B. W. van Oudheusden Received: 13 April 2006 / Revised: 4 September 2006 / Accepted: 19 September 2006 / Published online: 11 October 2006 Springer-Verlag 2006 Abstract This paper describes the principles of a novel 3D PIV system ... Tomographic particle image velocimetry of desert locust wakes: instantaneous volumes combine to reveal hidden vortex elements and rapid wake deformation. Richard J. Bomphrey. Richard J. Bomphrey. Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PS, UK. Tomographic particle image velocimetry (Tomo-PIV) [1, 2] is used for volumetric velocity measurements in...